KEYDEX NFC Ring Review

The KEYDEX Ring is a smart ring that uses NFC, or Near Field Communication. This technology allows it to transmit data to another hardware device or physical object. The ring and the device/object must be less than 10 centimetres apart to allow the transfer to occur.

In general terms people purchase NFC Rings because they are safe, simple and easy to use.

What can it do?

The KEYDEX NFC Ring provides a quick way to unlock phones, doors and other elements of your mobile life. Whilst the KEYDEX NFC Ring is “smart” in the sense that it assists you in your everyday life, it does not come with email, text or call alerts or fitness tracking.


The KEYDEX NFC Ring can be used in a variety of ways. It can:

  • Unlock your Android smartphone
  • Share information with others such as your contact details
  • Access NFC Ring compatible doors
  • Compatible with iPass payment system

By downloading the profile exchange app, you can edit your business card, website address, or cloud based files.

When the NFC scanner of an Android phone touches the NFC ring, then the “profile exchange” function will be accomplished

By downloading the screen unlock app you can use the NFC scanner of your Android phone to touch the NFC ring which will trigger the “screen unlock” function


Let’s be honest. There are many Smart Ring companies on the market (or nearing their entry to the market) that are very slick and sophisticated in their styling. We would not put the KEYDEX NFC Ring in this category. If this is your style then that’s great because there are not many Smart Ring options in the market in this style. In saying that, we expect that for some, the style alone will knock this ring off their list of options.

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Design choices

The KEYDEX NFC ring comes in 5 different patterns and 6 sizes. The ring is made from fine ceramics, also known as Zirconia ceramics (ZrO2).

Current patterns on offer include:

  • European style (black base colour)
  • Blue and White
  • Sakur (pink tones)
  • Black NFC (NFC acronym prominent in design)*
  • White NFC (NFC acronym prominent in design)*

*This design makes no secret of the fact that this is an NFC Ring. In fact in a couple of the designs you will see the word “NFC” on the ring design. This is great for those who like to wear their technology loudly and proudly.

KEYDEX provides you with sizing instructions to assist in the ordering process.

Buy Smart Ring Summary

OK so this KEYDEX NFC Ring is not an all singing and dancing alternative to your smart watch or smart phone. And it has somewhat of a limited market given it is only Android compatible at this point.

It is waterproof which is good news so you won’t have any problems performing every day tasks like hand washing and washing the dishes with it on.

The Keydex app seems to be the biggest sticking point for a limited number of people who have reviewed this ring to date. It is reported that it is not overly reliable. You could overcome this by using a generic NFC app on your Android smartphone though. Reviewers recommend apps like Trigger and Tasker.

Once you program your NFC ring to your Android phone, that is the only way to unlock it. Whilst this means it is very secure, you may not think it is so great if you happen to forget your ring when you are out and about.

If you are seeking a lot of bells and whistles in your Smart Ring, an NFC ring is probably not for you. Feel free to head over to our other Smart Ring reviews to learn about other Smart Rings currently on the market or pre-sale.


We are not too sure about the feel of the ceramic materials used to make this ring although reviewers, albeit there are not currently many around, certainly seem to suggest that it is comfortable. Zirconia ceramic is said to have high strength, toughness and hardiness (second only to diamonds apparently) and has excellent wear and chemical resistance.

It’s nice to see there are a series of designs to choose from although if you are not into the “pretty patterns” or a very obvious NFC logo on your ring, you have limited options with this brand.

iPass Compatibility

The Keydex NFC ring is compatible with iPass, a popular payment system used in Taiwan. This means that you can use the Keydex to pay for public transport and purchase goods where iPass is accepted. You can see where iPass is accepted here.


The KEYDEX ring can be compared to other NFC Rings on the market.  The NFC Ring is the original programmable smart ring for NFC enabled devices. Reviews suggest that the original NFC Ring is more robust and reliable than the KEYDEX ring. There are many other generic NFC rings available worldwide and we think people may prefer the “low key” style of those rings.

In recent times another NFC ring has hit the market – the Kerv ring. It is currently only available in the UK but it is more sophisticated and stylish than the KEYDEX ring. See our review of the Kerv ring here.

Who is the KEYDEX NFC Ring good for?

The KEYDEX NFC Ring is great for someone who likes to keep things simple and hassle free. The Android smartphone unlock function by itself might be enough for some people to put this ring on their finger.

For those in Taiwan, the iPass compatibility will be the main drawcard. The KEYDEX will work at any location where iPass is accepted. This brings public transport and retail purchases into the picture, which is a massive bonus.

This ring could also have good application for children with Android smart phones (it has a very low price point). Their smartphone unlocks with this ring which means they won’t need to remember passwords. It could also have good application for kids arriving home and unlocking your front door (with an NFC enabled door lock system) – there are no keys for them to lose.

Buy the KEYDEX Smart Ring from Amazon here.

You can read more of our NFC Ring reviews on our blog here.

Product Details

CompatibilityAndroid only with NFC function
Bluetooth Not applicable
Typical data usage Not applicable
MaterialsThe KEYDEX NFC Ring is made by fine ceramics, aka Zirconia ceramics (ZrO2)
Nickel free Yes
Dimensions Not stated
Sizings6 different sizes (sizing instructions provided by KeyDex)
WaterproofWithstands submersion in up to 30 meters or water for up to an hour
Returns Not listed
Expected battery life Not applicable
Battery life span Not applicable
Warranty Not stated

Click here to head to see KEYDEX ring designs

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