Nimb Smart Ring Review – Putting Safety First

The Nimb Smart Ring is a security focused smart ring that was crowd funded, originally in July 2016. Since then, Nimb has gone into full production and now sits amongst its peers as one of the leading security smart rings.

We’re here to help you make a decision about whether the Nimb Smart Ring is right for you. So settle in and enjoy the ride.

What does the NIMB Smart Ring Do?

Whilst many smart rings cram many features into a tiny package, the Nimb Smart Ring has a very simple job – to keep you safe.

The Nimb has a discretely concealed button that when pressed, will alert emergency services and your own emergency contacts.

In a world where personal safety is becoming an increasing concern for all of us, Nimb aims to give you a sense of security – knowing that with a simple press of a button, you can quietly notify a pre-determined group of contacts with your location.

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Before we get into the features and technical specifications, let’s check out how well designed and stylish the Nimb Smart Ring is. After all, if you’re going to pop this on your finger, it needs to look good, right?

Nimb Ring in white

Nimb isn’t a particularly slender design. Compared to some rings like Oura and Motiv, the Nimb makes a bolder fashion statement. Whether this suits you is purely a subjective matter of taste.

Nimb ring being worn by woman

The Nimb is available in both white and black, seen below.


The Nimb is made of stainless steel, so it will be durable and hard wearing. The white and black parts of the ring are made of a composite plastic.

All materials used in the construction of the ring are hypoallergenic.

Nimb ring interior construction


The features are fairly simple with the Nimb Smart Ring. The concealed button on the ring can be pressed, which will trigger a pre-determined set of contacts to receive your location.

Worried that you’ll press the alert button accidentally? The the people at Nimb thought about that. To activate the alert, you need to hold the button down for 3 seconds, and the ring will vibrate so you know that the alert has been sent. And even if you activate it and then realise that you are fine and don’t need help, you can cancel the alert in the app with a passcode.

It’s not just about safety

Before we move on, we should point out that whilst safety and security are the primary goals of the Nimb Smart Ring, there are other uses for the ring what you might not think of.

When you think about it, all the Nimb does is alert a group of contacts about your location. So why just limit that technology to a security scare? Indeed, Nimb recognise this and promote the ring for a whole host of scenarios where it might be useful to reach a group of contacts and alert them of your location. The image below summarises most of these. When you think about each of them, you can immediately see that there is a lot of utility in this little ring.

Uses for the Nimb Ring

How does it actually work?

Firstly, you use the Nimb app to pair with your Nimb ring. Once paired, the ring and your phone will stay in constant contact, unless either runs out of batteries (more on battery life later).

Now you can set up the contacts that you would like notified when you press the alert button. These are known as “Trusted” contacts within the Nimb App.

Those contacts will need to have the Nimb app installed to be able to respond.

When you press the concealed button, Nimb will send a notification to your contact list using your phone. Those people will receive a notification on their phone, via their installed Nimb App. They’ll then be able to see your location using their app. They can also communicate with you via text message.

Nimb offer a paid service to connect to a 24/7 response team. However, they will also add all possible first responders available in each country.


Nimb rings are available in US sizes 4-12. Nimb have released a video to help you measure yourself for their ring. They refer to this sizing reference to help you.

Charging and Battery Life

Nimb comes with a charging stand that connects via USB. By simply placing the ring on the stand, and checking that the LED lights up, it will charge. Once more than 95% charged, the LED will turn green.

Nimb charger

Nimb guarantee that the ring will last for up to 2 weeks once fully charged, which is just amazing, considering it is connected to your phone constantly. We don’t have any data yet on whether the Nimb increases battery drain on your phone. If you’re a Nimb user and you have some experience here, we’d love to hear about it in comments.


Nimb is stylish, promotes personal safety and is the app is well designed and simple to use. The main issue we found is that the pricing model for the Nimb is that you subscribe to their monitoring service, which is a monthly fee. There isn’t an option to just purchase the ring and use it standalone. We think this will be inhibitive to some, and may impact the takeup of the product.

However, if the price (available here) is not a concern for you and you feel that you will get a lot of use from this service, then we highly recommend the Nimb Smart Ring.

Where to buy Nimb

Nimb is currently only available from the Nimb website, click here if you’d like to check it out.

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