Oura Smart Ring Review

The Oura Smart Ring is the world’s first wellness ring that monitors and communicates how your body responds to your lifestyle. It achieves this by analyzing your sleep patterns, your level of activity and daily rhythms.

Oura is then able to guide you towards how to achieve better quality sleep, how to recover better and to prepare for performance.

Currently on over 70 countries, Oura has engaged several top universities, research organizations and sleep clinics to explore the data and insights Oura provides. This will allow Oura (based in Finland) to further advance their understanding of how this technology can improve wellness.

What Does it Do?

The Oura has 4 main sensors built in, measuring body temperature, blood flow, gyroscope and accelerometer. When combined, these sensors transform the Oura Ring into a wellness management tool.

We’ll get into these in detail, but in summary, the Oura will help you to understand your sleep and activity and present information to you in a way that will help you live a more healthy lifestyle.

By working with the Oura Smart Phone App, all measurements that the ring takes are analysed and you’ll be able to gain more insight than ever before into your sleep cycle and your daily activity.


Since launching, Oura have added more variations to their range. You can now choose from 4 designs, listed below.


The Silver and Black rings are available in the Balance and Heritage variants. The Balance option is the one with the pointed top, where the Heritage has the flat top.

The Diamond model is only available in the Balance style.


The Oura ring is made out of titanium and the inner molding is made from a no-allergenic material. Quite surprisingly, the Oura is rated water resistant to 100 meters but verified at 150 meters!

Each ring has a special coating that provides some scratch resistance. Oura uses DLC coating for the black and stealth rings, and PVD coating for the silver ring. Rose gold rings have a rose gold PVD coating. If you want to understand more about these coatings, here’s a useful resource.

Weight: 4-6 grams
Dimensions: 7.9 mm wide, 2.55 mm thick

Weighing only 4-6 grams, thanks to the ultralight titanium material, this is lighter than a conventional ring.


Let’s get down to business, let’s check out all the features of the Oura in detail.

Sleep Tracking

Probably the biggest drawcard of the Oura Smart Ring is it’s ability to help you understand your sleeping habits and their impact on your wellness. Oura calls this Sleep Insights.

By pairing your new Oura smart ring with the Oura app, you’re all set.

The app will tell you about a whole range of sleep insights.

  • Nightly sleep cycle
    • the amount of deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and time where you might be awake during the night
  • Ideal time to go to bed
    • using research on sleep patterns, Oura will help you identify the best time to go to bed to get the highest sleep (we explore this later)
  • Sleep quality
    • Oura will help you score your sleep quality and an easy to understand way.
  • Sleep trends
    • with daily, weekly and monthly reports, you’ll be able to see your trending sleep quality and the factors that are contributing to that outcome.
Oura App image

Readiness Tracking

Through tracking your heart rate, movement and body temperature trends, Oura is able to determine how your body is recovering from exercise. This means you can get an insight into how ready your body is daily life. Whether you’re training for a race, or just getting burned out at work, knowing how your body is recovering is important.

Activity Tracking

Using technology to help track your activity is now a huge industry. From early pedometers to now highly advanced activity trackers, there are tools to help you understand your body and achieve goals.

Oura tracks all your activity (ie it’s always on) and offers the following activity tracking insights:

  • Daily Goal
    • Unlike most devices, where you set your own goal. Oura will set you a daily activity goal based on the quality of sleep you’ve had and the status of recovery you’re in
  • Steps & calories
    • You’ll see how many calories you’re burning on a daily basis as well as steps taken
  • Inactivity Alerts
    • If you’ve spent too much time lying around to doing little activity, Oura will let you know
  • Balancing your activity
    • Because Oura knows your state of recovery and sleep quality, it can to balance the amount of activity you’re getting. That way, if you’re not sleeping well, are unwell or are over exercising, Oura will try to guide to back toward a more balanced output

Why Sleep Matters

Oura has done a huge amount of research into the impact of sleep in our lives. The importance of high quality sleep can’t be underestimated, and if we’re all honest with ourselves, we could all use either more sleep, or better quality sleep.

So what exactly does high quality sleep provide for us? Well according to Oura:

  • It Helps to manage your weight
  • Allows you to stay healthier – longer (eg fewer colds and illnesses)
  • Allows you to perform at your peak
  • Makes you more productive

The average person spends 26 years of their life asleep


Things like the amount of deep sleep you have, the time you get to sleep and your heart rate in the night time all contribute to the quality of your sleep. Oura tracks all these and presents the information in an easy to understand way, so you can make changes where needed.


When you purchase an Oura Ring, the first step is to order one of their sizing kits. It’s a little package of their ring sizes that they’ll send to you. You simply try each ring on until you find the right fit, then confirm that size in your order.

If you already know your size, then you can skip this step and just order your exact size.

It takes the guess work out and reduces the risk of being disappointed when the ring arrives.

Oura is currently offered in 8 sizes, from US6 to US13.

Charging & Battery Life

The Oura ring comes in a box that also acts as your charger. By connected to power (any USB), a full charge will take 30-60 minutes.

Oura claim that the battery life is around 2-3 days.


The Oura Smart Ring is one of the real heavyweights in the market right now, and it’s no surprise. The ring looks amazing, is engineered to an extremely high standard, and offers real value to the wearer.

It comes highly recommended by BSR and we feel that anyone wanting to gain more insight into their wellness would love it.

Where to get it

Oura is currently only available from their website here.

If you have any questions about Oura Ring, please leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media.

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