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Market Update

An overview of the latest trends and insights into Smart Rings
For some, Smart Rings offer a compelling alternative to Smart Watches

With companies such as Samsung, Apple, Google and Microsoft all rumoured to be working on Smart Rings, the future is looking brighter than ever for this wearable. As technology progresses, the ability to integrate more and more electronics and sensors into rings means the features and applications grow exponentially. With progress in technology, combined with the ability to operate a Smart Ring with just one finger, or even a simple hand gesture, this is an exciting time indeed for this market.

  • 40% of US internet users are expected to own and use wearables by the year 2019. eMarketer.

  • 74% believe multiple wearables will help them interact with other devices. Ericson.

  • 83 percent surveyed expect wearables to have standalone connectivity. Ericson.

  • 50% of those survey are very interested in panic buttons and wearable location trackers. Ericson.

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