March 21, 2017

Smart Ring FAQ

The list below answers some of the basic questions regarding Smart Rings.

What is a Smart Ring?

Quite simply, a Smart Ring is a ring that combines electronics or technology to provide the wearer with additional features and/or convenience.

What can a Smart Ring do?

The main functions for smart rings include:

  • Notifications for incoming calls, SMSs or social interactions. So the ring will vibrate or light up when one of those compatible event occur.
  • Sensors built into the ring can track things such as heart ratesleep patterns, body temperature, and steps.
  • Phone Calls, some rings provide the ability to actually make a phone call. See the Orii ring for an example of this.
  • Security features allow you to use a Smart Ring to lock or unlock devices such as phones and doors.
  • Payment processing is possible with some rings. This works in a similar way to contactless payments such as PayPass or payWave.
  • Identity is theoretically possible with a Smart Ring, where the ring could store your credentials for things such as a Driver’s Licence, however this would be dependent on the manufacturer having an agreement with a credential issuer.

How do Smart Rings work?

Smart Rings contain electronic or other technological elements (eg sensors) that give the wearer a range of features. Some Smart Rings pair with your mobile phone and combine to act as an extension of your phone (in the same way a Smart Watch does). These rings might notify you of incoming messages or social media activity. Some Smart Rings have complex sensors built into them to help you track physical activity, health or temperature.

Other Smart Rings can operate independently from other devices, much in the same way contactless payment works for PayPass or payWave.

Do Smart Rings need charging?

It depends on the features of the ring. Some simpler Smart Rings that utilise NFC technology only do not require charging. Smart Rings with more features and sensors will require charging.

Are Smart Rings waterproof?

This comes down to individual rings, though most rings are water resistant to things such as washing your hands or showering. Some smart rings will be tested to withstand things such as swimming or diving, but it’s best to check the features and description of rings in our Shop if this is an important requirement for you.

What materials are Smart Rings made from?

This varies between manufacturers, though common materials include titanium, gold, stainless steel and even ceramics.

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  1. Hello Sir
    Just wondering if you ship k-ring in Romania ?
    And will work as well in Romania ( top up balance)
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    • Please contact K-Ring for shipping information. We at Buy Smart Rings don’t actually sell the rings, we’re here to help you decide and educate you.

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