Nimb ring in white

Nimb Smart Ring Review – Putting Safety First

The Nimb Smart Ring is a security focused smart ring that was crowd funded, originally in July 2016. Since then, Nimb has gone into full production and now sits amongst its peers as one of the leading security smart rings. We’re here to help you make a decision about whether the Nimb Smart Ring is Read more about Nimb Smart Ring Review – Putting Safety First[…]

Oura Smart Ring Review

The Oura Smart Ring is the world’s first wellness ring that monitors and communicates how your body responds to your lifestyle. It achieves this by analyzing your sleep patterns, your level of activity and daily rhythms. Oura is then able to guide you towards how to achieve better quality sleep, how to recover better and Read more about Oura Smart Ring Review[…]

Motiv Ring

Motiv Smart Ring Review

Updated Jan 2019: See our recent post on Motiv’s announcement at CES 2019, where they discuss the addition of biometric security features, using your heart rate as a way to identify you. The Motiv Smart Ring is designed to be worn day and night to motivate you to “keep living better”. It offers a sleak Read more about Motiv Smart Ring Review[…]

McLear Ring contactless payments

McLear Ring – Payments made easy

Currently available in the UK, and in Australia as the Bankwest Halo Ring. We’ll update you when that availability changes. Many of you may know that McLear are credited with producing the first Smart Ring, the NFC Ring. This was back in 2013 and it’s still available now on here on Amazon. Since then, dozens Read more about McLear Ring – Payments made easy[…]

Xenxo design

Xenxo S-Ring – Preview

There is a very very exciting smart ring on the horizon, called the Xenso S-Ring. It has been very successfully backed on both Kickstarter and Indigogo, raising over $1m (USD) and is currently in pre-production. Let’s take a look at this awesome sounding smart ring and help to answer some questions you may have about Read more about Xenxo S-Ring – Preview[…]

Blinq Smart Ring

Blinq Smart Ring – Review

Update Here’s a quick update on the Blinq smart ring, which we previously previewed back in 2017. The Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in 48 hours, highlighting just how popular this category is. The are currently in the process of shipping rings to all those who ordered during the campaign. It doesn’t look like they Read more about Blinq Smart Ring – Review[…]

Ringly Onyx

Ringly Aries Smart Ring Review – Activity Tracking & Mobile Alerts

Since January 3028 – Ringly are now unavailable. Ringly produces a range of Smart Rings that combine gorgeous aesthetics and useful functionality. The Aries collection offers activity tracking, mobile alerts and goal setting and comes in a choice of stones and metals to suit your taste. In this Ringly Aries Smart Ring review, we’ll focus Read more about Ringly Aries Smart Ring Review – Activity Tracking & Mobile Alerts[…]

HB Ring hands

Best Smart Ring for Couples – HB Ring by The Touch X

Smart rings offer a wide array of applications, from getting a notification that you have an email, to notifying emergency services that you need help. At BSR, we’re looking for the most unique and inspiring smart ring offerings, so we decided to look at the best smart ring for couples. It turns out there is Read more about Best Smart Ring for Couples – HB Ring by The Touch X[…]

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