10 Reasons to Ditch Your Smart Watch for a Smart Ring

Should I swap my Smart Watch for a Smart Ring?

Let’s address the elephant in the room or should we say…the elephant in the wearables universe. What is the Smart Ring trying to be? Is the advent of the Smart Ring going to replace Smart Watches or fitness/other wearables in the future?

The Smart Ring may look as though it is making a play to convert Smart Watch users. However the truth is, there are not yet enough Smart Rings on the market to see how the play pans out. However, we are not convinced that is what Smart Ring manufacturers are trying to do.

The Smart Rings on the market currently do not perform in the same way as a Smart Watch. Cramming a whole lot of technology into a tiny little space is not an easy task. So even if Smart Ring manufacturers have the full functionality of Smart Watches in mind, the current technology will struggle to make this a reality.

watch or ring largeSmart Rings will not be for everyone

The Smart Rings on the market currently have many uses but their functionality does not reflect that of a Smart Watch. What’s more, we don’t think it should be seen as a Smart Watch replacement.

Maybe wearing a screen on your wrist is really important to you and we get that. For others you might be looking to get back to something smaller, less heavy, obvious or cumbersome. Whatever the case, it is worth exploring what Smart Rings can do, to see if the functionality of the Smart Ring will add value to your lifestyle.

Here are our 10 reasons that you might swap your Smart Watch for a Smart Ring:

  1. Space: For some people the wrist is valuable real estate – you may be keen to regain that space for dress watches not Smart Watches
  2. Subtlety: You don’t always want to be noticed, judged or sighed at when people see you are wearing a Smart Watch, Fitbit or other wearable device in a fitness context. Many people prefer to go incognito and a ring fits the bill in this respect (even though we concede that some Smart Ring designs on the market at the moment are pretty large!)
  3. Simplicity: You just want the Smart Ring to do a few things. Maybe tracking steps and the distance you’ve travelled is enough for you. Perhaps you only want to know when your loved one calls, rather than when everyone under the sun is trying to reach you. You might be looking for a way to reclaim some of your time and focus on other aspects of your lifestyle, not be distracted by obvious wearable gadgets all of the time
  4. Just Because: You simply like to keep moving with technology. Smart Rings are showing some promise and you might be an early adopter – you are keen to see what the Smart Ring can do and how it might suit your lifestyle. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will stick with it, but you might be keen to explore the possibilities
  5. Sleeping: You want a smart device that you can wear to bed (to track sleep quality and quality as well as your resting heart rate etc) – the Smart Ring offers comfort and subtlety in this department
  6. Safety: Your safety is paramount and you might worry that you won’t be able to get to your Smart Watch or Smart Phone quickly enough in the face of an emergency situation. A Smart Ring can provide peace of mind quickly, effectively and discretely (please note that not all Smart Rings have this functionality)
  7. Speed: You or your loved one just wants a very straight forward way to keep in touch. Perhaps you have elderly parents who would find a Smart Ring very helpful when they need to contact a loved one
  8. Comfort: You may find wearing devices on your wrist uncomfortable. Well designed Smart Rings have a tapered design that is comfortable and easy to wear
  9. Water: Waterproofing may be really important to you and you want a wearable device that you can jump in the pool, lake, river or ocean with whilst still tracking your fitness and performance
  10. Durability: Smart Rings present a more durable option than some Smart Watches on the market

So What Is the Smart Ring trying to be?

No current Smart Ring manufacturer that Buy Smart Rings has come across has suggested the Smart Ring is designed to replace a Smart Watch. And it is important to note that not all Smart Rings will address all of the 10 benefits listed above. It seems that different Smart Rings are looking to solve different everyday problems and that makes it difficult to compare each ring to another and indeed each Smart Ring to a Smart Watch. Perhaps that is why people are still a little dubious about the benefits that a Smart Ring can provide to them. Our mission here at Buy Smart Rings is to help you understand what each Smart Ring can do. It will be up to you to decide if that functionality will enhance your lifestyle enough to try one out.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for more Smart Rings news and reviews here at Buy Smart Rings. There are still many more Smart Rings products in the development pipeline worldwide. We look forward to sharing news of those rings as they progress.

Some manufacturers will “crash and burn” and at times this may be because they are too ambitious with their planned Smart Ring functionality. Other Smart Rings will hit the market with gusto, positioning their product with impressive functionality (albeit more limited than that of a Smart Watch) and solid performance in a way that helps people in their everyday lives.

Pop over to our shop to see if there are any Smart Rings on the market that could add value to your life. Alternatively head to our blog to read reviews our Smart Ring reviews. BSR



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