What does NFC Stand for anyway?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. And it has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Most recent mobile devices use NFC technology to perform a range of things but people don’t really know how to use them to their full capability. Buy Smart Rings is here to dumb it down a little so you can see if it is a smart technology that is for you and your lifestyle. Here we will also give you step to step instructions to set up NFC tags in a range of ways to add value to your life. OK and also to hone your superpower skills which creates endless delights for your kids and friends. As we often say, who doesn’t want to have the powers of Yoda or Harry Potter.

TaskerHow NFC Tags work

NFC tags are small stickers which contain a small unpowered NFC chip. You can see a range of NFC Tags here. NFC Tags work by communicating with your NFC enabled device to trigger a range of actions that you can control. The possibilities are endless. To setup the actions that will be triggered, you will need one of a range of Apps available for your smart device. For example, IFTTT has built a huge community in this area. Other Apps such as Trigger and Tasker offer similar capabilities.

How to use NFC Tags

There are many creative ways to use NFC tags and for those already in the know, NFC tags have countless applications. Here are just a few of those ideas:

  • Stick an NFC tag near your door entrance. Then set up your app so that with a simple swipe of your smart phone over the NFC tag you can control a range of things in your home including:
    • Turning off Bluetooth which you may have been using in the car
    • Turning your ringer volume up (or down if you are seeking a break from the tech universe for a while)
    • Switch on Wifi
    • Send an SMS to let someone know you’re home
  • Stick another NFC tag to do the reverse as your leave the house. With a simple tap of your smart phone on the NFC tag it will do the opposite
    • Switch on your Bluetooth, disable the wifi connection etc

BSR Tagstand NFC Stickers Image 2At the gym

So you’ve jumped to the gym in your lunchbreak or after or before your day at the office. Keep an NFC tag in your sports bag. You might want to use it to set your phone to flight mode and launch your workout playlist. No more mucking around with your phone so you can focus on just how much weight you reckon you can lose today. How awesome (and yes, slightly geeky but no one will know and you can secretly high five yourself for saving at least 25 seconds of your life mucking around with your phone and its settings).

Nighty Night

Getting a good night sleep is of course everyone’s goal. If you pop an NFC tag near your charger, with a quick tap you can set your phone to flight mode and mute it to ensure a good night of sleep.

Make sure you actually get out of bed by putting an NFC tag in the bathroom. This means you need to take your smart phone to that tag to turn the alarm off. No reaching over to hit the snooze button, you’ll have to get out of bed!

Working on the go?

Create a hotspot for your laptop or tablet by placing an NFC tag on the device itself or on its case. Simply tap the NFC tag to turn on your hotspot so you have an internet connection up and running before you can say “I’ll have a double shot cafe latte please”.

I cannot wait to get to my desk and work on something totally boring…said no one ever!

This should put a pep in your step. Put an NFC tag on your desk which is programmed to turn off the sound of your phone and connect to the work wi-fi. You could even have it launch your to-do app of choice so you can see all of the what’s on the agenda for your day.

More excitingly, you can also have another NFC tag at your desk to tap when your work day is done. You could set it to let your partner know that you are sprinting from the office to meet them at a bar and to turn your phone onto full sound so you don’t miss their call.

Covered the basics yet?

You get a gold star (virtually of course!) if you understand and can action the Buy Smart Rings Top Tips above. Stay tuned for some more tech-savvy ideas for using NFC tags soon.

What are you waiting for?

So there you have it. NFC tags demystified. There are mountains of other ways to use NFC tags and we will bring you some of those ideas again soon.

We love technology that enhances your life, not distracts you from your life.

If you are in the market for some NFC tags head to our store here.

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