Smart Rings and Healthcare

Improved Health Outcomes driven by Smart Rings?

Smart Rings offer significant application in a healthcare context as referenced in an article published by Market Watch earlier this month “Smart Rings Market: Demand for Better Healthcare Boosts Uptake of Improved Technology, says TMR”

Here’s our take outs from the article:

  1. Smart Rings could play a major role in proactive health management. Smart Rings with in-built monitors such as those for heart rate, blood pressure and sleep tracking, will allow medical professionals to proactively monitor patient health
  2. Where vital overall health indicators can be monitored proactively, medical professionals can better determine potential underlying illnesses
  3. The challenge at the moment is to harness greater battery power in Smart Rings. Currently their need for re-charging means Smart Rings could not be used by patients continuously over a long period of time (as they need to be removed and re-charged)
  4. Where Smart Rings can store important and sometimes critical medical information, immediate patient treatment and outcomes are likely to improve dramatically

Click here to read the article in full.

Whilst this wearable technology has a very long way to go in its development, it seems to us that Smart Rings could provide significant and at times crucial, information to improve health care outcomes into the future. BSR


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