Ringly Aries Smart Ring Review – Activity Tracking & Mobile Alerts

Since January 3028 – Ringly are now unavailable.

Ringly produces a range of Smart Rings that combine gorgeous aesthetics and useful functionality. The Aries collection offers activity tracking, mobile alerts and goal setting and comes in a choice of stones and metals to suit your taste. In this Ringly Aries Smart Ring review, we’ll focus on the features and options to help you make your buying decision.

Ringly OnyxWhat can it do?

Ringly Smart Rings connect to your phone and track steps, distance, and calories burned—without sacrificing your style.

You can also customise mobile alerts on your jewellery through vibration and subtle light to filter what you want and what you don’t want.


  • Track your fitness including steps, distance travelled and calories burned
  • Set and manage your goals – you can choose when you receive alerts and any fitness goals you might have
  • Receive smart alerts – you can customise the phone alerts you want to come to your ring
  • Set alerts for your favourite apps – there are over 100 popular productivity, wellness and messaging apps on offer

Design choices

So here is the great news. Ringly offers a range of styles for both the ring itself and the gemstone. The ring bases come in the choice of:

  • 14K rose gold plated stainless steel,
  • 18K matte gold plated stainless steel, or
  • Gunmetal plated stainless steel.

Current gemstones on offer include:

  • Lapis,
  • Rainbow moonstone,
  • Black onyx,
  • Purple jade,
  • Howlite,
  • Amazonite,
  • Tourmalated quartz, or
  • Emerald.

At the moment, you cannot “mix and match” the ring and the gemstone combinations, but there are currently 7 options available. Check out our store to browse the options. Ringly’s latest release is a rose gold and moonstone Smart Ring.

In terms of smart ring notifications there are 5 coloured light options, and 4 vibration settings for customised alerts.

Out to Sea RinglyBuy Smart Ring Summary

This product is indeed both a fashion piece and your very own personal Executive Assistant. Your smart ring will let you know when you have an important call or even when you uber is pulling up outside. Smartphone free meeting? No worries – you can set alerts to make sure you don’t miss any important calls or meetings. And if you are on the go you will still see when your loved ones is trying to get in touch with you.

Compatible apps

In terms of what apps work with Ringly, there is a growing list of apps (currently over 100) that you can configure to work with your Ringly ring. There are plenty on offer in a range of categories including calendar, dating, email, finance, health, messaging, news, productivity, shopping, social, travel, weather and more. The Ringly website covers the supported apps and is updated as new apps are incorporated.

Setup is pretty easy, just use the Ringly app to configure your compatible apps to with with your ring. Reviewers report that the app works really well. Here’s a short video that shows this in action.


Whether you are waiting for an important client call, your child or your loved one, the Ringly Smart Ring will help you stay in touch. You will need to have your smartphone nearby so this is not a standalone Smart Ring.

Heading into a concert, a night at the theatre or a wedding? Don’t be that person whose phone rings and scramble through your bag to find it. When your Ringly ring discretely vibrates, no one is going to give you a dirty look and a frustrated sigh. However, you may get some raised eyebrows from those who are envious and want a Ringly themselves!


Assuming you are into slightly chunkier jewellery, Ringly Smart Rings look stylish. As with all Smart Rings, there is no real way around the size of the gemstones, given the technology that sits beneath the stone. The ring doesn’t give any indication that is it tracking steps, so that little secret will be just for you! The step tracker is great for those who want detailed analysis of their activity such as they would get with a fitbit or pedometer.  If you forget your phone when you head out for a walk, don’t worry, the steps will sync when you get back in the range of your phone. The ring can store up to 4 days of steps without syncing!

If you want the Ringly to go with your whole wardrobe then perhaps choose one of the more neutral gemstone colours like Moonstone or Rainbow Moonstone.


Your Ringly Smart Ring will come with a Charging/Ring Box and also a micro USB Cable. Given the smart ring box doubles as a charging box you might want to think about buying an extra box for home or work. This carries a small additional charge so if you think you can be disciplined enough to charge it up over night then you should be able to make do with the one charging box which comes with your Ringly Smart Ring.

Ringly recommend you use the micro USB cable regularly to ensure the box has charge. The charging box will fully charge your Ringly in approximately 4 hours so it is probably best to pop it in the charging box at night before you head to bed – it will then be ready to pop back on in the morning.

Product Details

Compatibility iPhone 5 and up

Android 4.3 and up

Bluetooth  Bluetooth Low Energy
Materials Base: 14K rose gold plated stainless steel or matte 18K gold plated stainless steel or gunmetal plated stainless steel depending on which smart ring you choose

Gems: Moonstone, pyramid-cut Lapis, Emerald-cut Rainbow Moonstone, Cushion-cut Black Onyx, Emerald-cut Tourmalated Quartz

Gunmetal plated stainless steel, Cushion-cut Emerald

Nickel free  Yes
Dimensions  H.28.25mm

W. 20.65mm

L: 20.20mm

Sizings 6 different sizes (sizing instructions provided by Ringly)
Waterproof Water Resistant
Returns  Via Ringly website
Expected battery life  Charging Box Battery Life: 8-10 days depending on usage
Battery life span  24-48 hours depending on usage
Warranty  1 year limited warranty

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