Tagstand NFC Tags

These paper stickers with our snazzy logo on the front is backed by a Type 2 NTAG213 chip. This chip features 144 bytes of usable space and can be made read-only. Additionally, because this sticker contains no protective shielding, it works best in conditions where it is not placed directly on metal.

Compatible with all NFC-capable phones! (Note: not compatible with iPhones)

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  • Includes 8 Black NFC stickers with the snazzy Tagstand logo
  • All stickers are NTAG213 and compatible with all NFC-capable phones
  • Need more than 144 bytes of usable space? Try our NTAG216 tags with five times more memory (also available on Amazon!)
  • Want your own design – check out our new Tagstand + Avery NFC Design pack on Amazon and design your own stickers!
  • Want something a little more sturdy? Our bubble tags (on Amazon) are made of epoxy and are beautiful and long lasting!


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