Personal Alarms and Protection Systems

There are times in your life when you want the extra comfort of having a personal protection system in place. Personal protection systems have a very broad range of application. They are invaluable for a range of situations. They’re suitable for teenagers, parents, night workers, delivery route employees, business owners, and college students. Even joggers, walkers, and bicycle riders benefit from having a safety system in place.

Mobile phones have revolutionized staying in touch with your loved ones 24/7. However in some situations you are looking for a more immediate and obvious personal protection system in place.

Personal alarms are legal to carry in all 50 states (even on airplanes!) and are a very safe method of self defense. They require no training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Victims are often too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing their vulnerability. Criminals do not like to draw attention, and will likely run off when they realize the alarm cannot be stopped.

We have showcased a range of Smart Rings that will play a really important role in personal safety. Click here to read our Best Safety Smart Rings post. You can also click here to read our Best Safety Rings for Children post. Both of these articles cover the progressive technology that is inspiring some great Smart Ring options when you are looking to bolster your safety when you are out in the world.

In the meantime?

So what about other options that are available in the meantime? There are a number of popular and well reviewed personal protection system options for you to consider. Here are our top 5 options of products that are available right now:

1. Instinct by Revolar 

This is a smart personal safety device with bluetooth panic button, custom GPS alerts, step tracker and more. Instinct by Revolar does not require you to commit to monthly ongoing fees (as some other devices do).

2. iMaxAlarm SOS Alert Personal Alarm

This safety and security emergency device has a loud alarm/siren for any emergency situation. It is light weight and can be worn around your neck or on your bag. Comes in 4 colors – rose gold, gold, matte black and silver.

3. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm

Comes with LED flashlight and has rip cord activation. It lets off a loud and long siren and runs on AAA batteries so no bluetooth required. Comes in blue and grey (pictured). Vigilant Personal Security Systems also have a range of other personal security alarms available.

None of the personal security options listed above are expensive. Of course positive reviewer feedback is VERY important when it comes to how well these personal protection devices work.

We will keep you across any significant developments in Smart Rings that offer personal security features. In the meantime, we hope that the options listed above offer you a path to personal security.

Have you used any of the personal protection options listed in this article? We would love to hear your experience with them.




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