Modulaj Smart Ring by TRiiNG Collective – Preview

Update: The Modulaj ring did not reach it’s funding goal on Kickstarter. Hence becoming another exciting product that didn’t become a reality.

There is a new Smart Ring in town…nearly. The makers of the Modulaj Smart Ring describe their product as “fine jewellery immersed in technology”.

Modulaj is the first in a range of products from Triing. They claim that this is “the first bio-compatible Titanium wearable featuring lab-grown Sapphire and Spinel gemstones”. Yep, we needed to look up “Spinel gemstones” as well. Spinel is a gemstone mineral that often time is confused with ruby and sapphire. Spinel occurs in the same bright red and blue colours as rubies and sapphires, so it’s easy to see how that happens.


From the imagery available to Buy Smart Rings the Modulaj Smart Ring design is pretty sleek and sophisticated. It will take up a fair amount of your finger real estate but that is par for the course at the moment for Smart Ring jewelry. TRiiNG Collective are going for “ethical/conflict free materials” and “full-circle sustainability.” We won’t know if that translates to comfortable but we guess time will tell once customers can get this sophisticated fashion tech Smart Ring on their fingers.

Modulaj Ring 4The Modulaj Smart Ring will be offered in a range of colours including Titanium and Lab Grown White Sapphire, Titanium and Lab Grown Black Spinel and Titanium and Lab Grown Blue Spinel. There are some fairly avant-garde pics in the Lookbook on the TRiiNG website if you want to check out those colours for yourself.

TRiiNG Collective aspires for consumers who are “averse to trend buying” and who “never strut to the hype”. We are not too sure how to interpret this but a look at the Modulaj Smart Ring should help you to work out if that is you!

The Modulaj will be available in sizes USA 6,7,8 and 9

What can the Modulaj Smart Ring do?

Modulaj Ring 2It looks to us as though the Modulaj will have similar functionality to Ringly and the SOS alert function of rings such as Siren Ring, Nimb and Loop Smart Rings (head to our Best Safety Smart Rings blog post for more information). With Modulaj you will be able to interface with your Android or iOS smartphone using touch input. Doing so will allow you to receive context-derived visual and sensory alerts. In line with other Smart Rings on the market, TRiiNG Collective are looking to solve the problem of blocking digital noise in your world whilst keeping you connected to what matters to you most.

The Modulaj will use Bluetooth Low Energy system, linking to your smartphone to customise your interaction with the world. The Smart Ring offers a range of visual and tactile alerts including:

  • customisable vibration and LED settings,
  • independent calendar alerts,
  • notifications from third parties,
  • smart “word cloud” filtering for SMS  messages and emails,
  • prioritize inbound phone calls,
  • broadcast SOS with geo-location coordinates, and
  • two profiles you can set – WORK and LEISURE.

The Company 

TRiiNG Collective describe themselves as an “Art-Tec” collective perfecting technology infused jewelry. This company prides itself on “keeping ethical and environmental concerns at the forefront of the creative process. Calling themselves a “sustainable jewlery brand”. TRiiNG is designed in Montreal by Proma Roy, the Founder and Creative Director. Deepak Singh Bisen, with two IPOs under his belt, is the Founder and CEO of the company.

Another Kickstarter Campaign – Really?

Yes, really. As is the case in the emerging technology market, companies do tend to rely on Kickstarter as a means to raise funds to make their vision a reality. Watch out for the commencement of the Kickstarter campaign on May 11. You can also check out the Modulaj Video Preview.

Learn more about the company and the Modulaj Smart Ring at

Stay tuned for more news about the Modulaj Smart Ring. Buy Smart Rings will keep you posted as things progress with this ring. We are very excited to see what happens in the months ahead as another Smart Ring makes its way into the funding funnel. BSR

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