Loop Smart Ring arrives on Kickstarter

Loop Smart Ring 2Another day, another Smart Ring announcement! You can rely on BSR to bring you the latest market news, and today is no exception. Loop Smart Ring has appeared on Kickstarter and adds another option to the growing pipeline of Smart Rings in development . Let’s have a look at the Loop Smart Ring and what it promises to deliver.

Loop Smart Ring

The Loop Smart Ring is a safety focused wearable that allows the user to immediately notify up to 5 contacts via SMS, when the discrete button on the ring is pressed. This ring builds on a growing number of Smart Rings that aim to make people feel safer, such as the Oura and Siren. We recently reviewed the Safety Smart Ring offerings and have updated that post to include the Loop Smart Ring.

How Does it Work?

The thing we like about safety Smart Rings is that they maximise the simplicity of use. Obviously where safety is involved, complicated mechanisms to activate the ring are going to be a massive fail. Anyone would be able to activate the Loop ring’s safety beacon and notify their friends and loved ones.

  1. Download the Loop Smart Ring App
  2. Pair your phone with your Loop Smart Ring
  3. Select up to 5 contacts who you’d like to notify when you press the discrete button on the ring
  4. You’re done!

In the event of an emergency or a situation, just press the button and your contacts will have an SMS sent to them. They’ll then be able to track your location. It’s simple, useful and will surely be a huge hit.

Technical Specs


The people at Loop have opted to create a ring with a non-rechargeable battery. The battery will last for a year and can be easily replaced by the owner.

Bluetooth LE

The ring uses Low Energy Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smart phone. This is a common technology in smart rings and is compatible with basically every phone made since 2013.


  • The ring is made from hypoallergenic materials, so it won’t react with your skin.
  • It is splash resistant, but is won’t sustain being submerged in water.
  • It offers multi-country support.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly available

Loop Smart Ring 3Design

The Loop Smart Ring has a stylish and fashionable look. The particular design you see is specifically for Kickstarter, so we can expect more designs to emerge either throughout the Kickstarter campaign, or once production commences.

When will Loop Smart Ring be available?

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a crowd funding platform that allows people to turn ideas into reality. The Loop Smart Ring group, led by Carlos Zamorano are seeking $50,000 by June 5. If they reach that target, they will enter full manufacturing for the Loop Smart Ring. Those who back them in Kickstarter will receive a ring (or two if they pledge more support). They even have an option where you can get a custom Loop Smart Ring made for you (if you pledge $699).

The campaign page on Kickstarter indicates that if they get their funding, they’ll be shipping rings in September to November 2017. We’ll be keeping an eye on the updates and will update you if things change.

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