Is your current connectivity driving you to distraction?

How connected do you want to be?

Here’s a great article to get you thinking about what connectivity means for you. You may want to receive an alert for every single email and social media update there is. But there is probably a balance somewhere in the middle. This articles explores the benefits of The Light Phone.

This article talks about the concept of working out what sort of connectivity works best for you.

Some of the key themes include:

1. It is possible to create a gradual withdrawal from constant technological social pressure
2. That change does not mean a complete withdrawal – it just means finding the right balance of technological connection for you
3. “Our (smart) phones have become our nervous habit, our invisible crutch, reaching for them without thinking”

It’s a super quick read but worth a look if you feel like your technology intake on your (smart) phone is not enhancing your life. Here is the link to the article which featured on the website Minimalism Life.


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