Blinq Smart Ring

Blinq Smart Ring – Review

Update Here’s a quick update on the Blinq smart ring, which we previously previewed back in 2017. The Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in 48 hours, highlighting just how popular this category is. The are currently in the process of shipping rings to all those who ordered during the campaign. It doesn’t look like they Read more about Blinq Smart Ring – Review[…]

graph showing growth

Just How Big Is The Smart Ring Market Size?

Smart rings have actually been around for a while now (well, not that long, but things move fast in technology, so even 1 year is a long time). The first smart rings appeared in early 2013, but the concept and the rumours go back to the mid 00’s. Since then, each year has seen more Read more about Just How Big Is The Smart Ring Market Size?[…]

Want to answer the knock at your door…even if you are not home…with the help of your Smart Ring?

Ever wanted to know what happens when someone knocks on your door and discovers you are not home? Most law abiding citizens who come to your door will just walk away when there is no response from homeowners and come back another time. There are others who will use that knowledge in more sinister ways. Read more about Want to answer the knock at your door…even if you are not home…with the help of your Smart Ring?[…]

Personal Safety Alarms

Personal Alarms and Protection Systems

There are times in your life when you want the extra comfort of having a personal protection system in place. Personal protection systems have a very broad range of application. They are invaluable for a range of situations. They’re suitable for teenagers, parents, night workers, delivery route employees, business owners, and college students. Even joggers, Read more about Personal Alarms and Protection Systems[…]

Orii Kickstarter

Orii Smart Ring Kickstarter campaign a huge success

The Orii Smart Ring kickstarter campaign has ended it’s kickstarter campaign in style. The final tally was an amazing $333,619 pledged! There were a total of 2,082 backers. Considering the target was only $30,000, this demonstrates the market is desperate to see this innovative wearable become a reality. We’ve previously previewed the Orii Smart Ring here. The Read more about Orii Smart Ring Kickstarter campaign a huge success[…]

Smart Ring Market Update

We thought it was about time for an update on the state of play in the Smart Ring market. We have showcased a range of Smart Ring with either full reviews or a Smart Ring overview in the case of Smart Rings that have not yet made it to market. Here is a list of Read more about Smart Ring Market Update[…]

Smart jewelry

What is Smart Jewelry?

Smart Jewelry – What does that actually mean? Smart Jewelry is the name given to pieces of jewelry that have some sort of “smart” functionality. It’s another wearable device that you can use to stay in touch with the people and information you value the most. Basically it’s bling with a purpose. In many cases Read more about What is Smart Jewelry?[…]

Is your current connectivity driving you to distraction?

How connected do you want to be? Here’s a great article to get you thinking about what connectivity means for you. You may want to receive an alert for every single email and social media update there is. But there is probably a balance somewhere in the middle. This articles explores the benefits of The Read more about Is your current connectivity driving you to distraction?[…]

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