Smart Ring Market Update

We thought it was about time for an update on the state of play in the Smart Ring market. We have showcased a range of Smart Ring with either full reviews or a Smart Ring overview in the case of Smart Rings that have not yet made it to market. Here is a list of Read more about Smart Ring Market Update[…]

Smart jewelry

What is Smart Jewelry?

Smart Jewelry – What does that actually mean? Smart Jewelry is the name given to pieces of jewelry that have some sort of “smart” functionality. It’s another wearable device that you can use to stay in touch with the people and information you value the most. Basically it’s bling with a purpose. In many cases Read more about What is Smart Jewelry?[…]

Is your current connectivity driving you to distraction?

How connected do you want to be? Here’s a great article to get you thinking about what connectivity means for you. You may want to receive an alert for every single email and social media update there is. But there is probably a balance somewhere in the middle. This articles explores the benefits of The Read more about Is your current connectivity driving you to distraction?[…]

Smart Rings and Healthcare

Smart Rings and Healthcare

Improved Health Outcomes driven by Smart Rings? Smart Rings offer significant application in a healthcare context as referenced in an article published by Market Watch earlier this month “Smart Rings Market: Demand for Better Healthcare Boosts Uptake of Improved Technology, says TMR” Here’s our take outs from the article: Smart Rings could play a major role Read more about Smart Rings and Healthcare[…]

Computex Trade Show Smart Rings

Smart Rings Round Up – Computex Trade Show 2017 Taiwan

Round up of the Computex Trade Show Taiwan 2017 The Computex Trade Show ran from May 30 to June 3 2017. For those of you have are not across it, this trade show is an information and communication technology trade show which this year was held in Taiwan. It attracted attendees from 167 countries with Read more about Smart Rings Round Up – Computex Trade Show 2017 Taiwan[…]

watch or ring large

10 Reasons to Ditch Your Smart Watch for a Smart Ring

Should I swap my Smart Watch for a Smart Ring? Let’s address the elephant in the room or should we say…the elephant in the wearables universe. What is the Smart Ring trying to be? Is the advent of the Smart Ring going to replace Smart Watches or fitness/other wearables in the future? The Smart Ring Read more about 10 Reasons to Ditch Your Smart Watch for a Smart Ring[…]

hb ring

HB Ring Shipping Schedule Update

The Touch have released an update on their shipping schedule for the HB Ring, that we recently reviewed here. We’ve listed the update below, and you can find out more at The Touch. Shipping update Solid Rose Gold HB Ring Order numbers: SA100 XXX HB Ring Order numbers: SA100 0XXX SA100 1XXX SA100 2XXX SA100 Read more about HB Ring Shipping Schedule Update[…]

Best Smart Rings for Kids and Teenagers

What are the Best Smart Rings for Kids and Teenagers? Our children have the right to feel safe. We should encourage them to explore and experience the world. It is very important for them to start building life experiences independently. But the world is often not a safe place. We worry about how our kids Read more about Best Smart Rings for Kids and Teenagers[…]

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